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Never miss events anymore. Nearify is your guide to finding fun, music, concerts, your favorite plays, festivals all at one place.

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Discover all events happening near you from more than 20 million events worldwide. Always know, using Nearify, happening like live music, indie shows, comedy, concerts, festivals, theater, or movie screenings that you can attend, have fun when you step out of your homes, explore, and socialize.

Nearify personalizes Events recommendations for you

  • Recommends what you love

    Remembers what events you loved. So, if you love music, Nearify will find music events for you

  • Learns from you

    The more time you spend with Nearify, the more it understands your taste in events. For example: if you are inclined towards looking for indie music, it will understand you like that kind of music, and try to recommend similar shows. It becomes your friend

  • Your travel companion

    Never feel lonely next time you are traveling to a new city or a country. Nearify is your guide to the local culture, helps you find things to do, suggests you events to attend, in an area, city, or country you are traveling

20+ million
Events Worldwide

Nearify finds the best events for you

Tracking more than 1 million events daily

  • Recommended Events Screen

    Once you launch Nearify and have set your location, it shows you list of upcoming recommended events today, tomorrow, weekends, and beyond based on your taste.

  • Nearby Places Screen

    Nearify shows you a list of places near you. So, never miss an event as you can track your favorite venues with upcoming events.

  • Popular Artists Screen

    Nearify loads the list of the popular artists with related upcoming events near your location. You can follow these artists so that you never miss an event related to them.

  • Quicky Screen

    Discover events quickly through a context based filter like Saturday night parties or music festivals. Use this to quickly find your favorite events.

  • Search Events Screen

    Use this to search for events matching a very customized selection like distance, category, date range, and even keywords.

  • Alerts Screen

    Get all your alerts at one place, whether it is for an event your friend invited you to or it is from Nearify itself. Following up on alerts was never this easy.

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