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You can now 'nearify' everything happening across the globe with a few taps on your smart phone. Just download our application Nearify or visit and enjoy events happening near you.

What is Nearify?

Nearify is an app which allows you to discover a whole lot of events happening near and far. Want to know about local or international music festivals, concerts, meetups, conferences, social events, sports events, fundraisers, broadway shows, movies or anything happening in your locality. Nearify is just the thing for you!

Just allow Nearify to detect your location or select a location of your interest, anywhere on the globe, and see an enormous list of events load within seconds. You can also like, shortlist and get tickets to your chosen event in no time. You can also save an event and view it later by taping on the heart. Interestingly you can also catch up facebook, eventful, eventbrite, meetup, active, bookmyshow and many more events on Nearify.

How is Nearify different?

When it comes to your social life, you must know everything happening 'Near' you. Nearify presents all the interesting things happening within a 50 km radius around you on a single platform and also allows you to choose what you like, based on your preferences.

Now, never miss a single event happening near you, which you wanted to attend or participate in, but could not because you did not know about it. Get your social life Nearified, now!

Also you can use Nearify to find out about whats happening in other locations across the world in case you are travelling and wish to plan your itinerary.

Who should use Nearify?

Nearify is a people friendly application which anyone above the age of 13 can use. Students, professionals, music maniacs, sports fanatics, charity enthusiasts everyone can find something or the other matching their interest at Nearify. You can also connect with others with similar interest as yours with the help of Nearify.

If you simply want to spice up your social life and find some exciting events happening in your neighborhood over your otherwise dull weekend, Nearify allows you a comprehensive search for events suiting your mood and taste.

If you are travelling somewhere for work and you have some free time, or if you are travelling for the sole purpose of leisure, Nearify can easily help you find interesting events you can attend and enhance your time away from home.

Where can I access Nearify?

Anywhere on the globe :)

People across the world use our application and recommend it as a one-stop-shop for all events-related info! Nearify users are mostly from the following cities of the world: Washington, Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, New York, Columbus, Atlanta, Miami, Portland, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Detroit, Vancouver, Orlando, Reading, Richmond, Nashville, Richmond, Cleveland, Hollywood, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Charlotte, Baltimore, San Jose, Manchester, Paradise, Jersey City, London, Cambridge, Northampton, Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Vienna, Salzburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Monaco, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Athens, Amsterdam, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Turin, Oslo, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

Who made Nearify?

Nearify is an Indian product startup, founded by people who have studied in the world's topmost engineering and business schools. Nearify team members are all technology enthusiasts, who breathe, sleep, and dream only technology. They mold technology not only help people get everything at their finger tips but also to help users to step out and socialize.

What should I do if I really fall in love with Nearify?

A note stating your appreciation in our inbox ( would be great! Kind words from our users every now and then boosts our energy when we work all night creating this unique discovery experience for you. And of course, it would be highly appreciated if you share your judgment about Nearify with all your friends, family and acquaintances.

What should I do if I have concerns, problems, feedback or criticism about Nearify?

Your feedback is precious to us. We aim at complete user satisfaction and also welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism from you to improve Nearify.

Just drop in your suggestions on and we promise to address all your concerns to the best of our capabilities and get back to you within 4 hours.

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