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How does Nearify work?

Nearify helps you to discover everything happening within a 50 km radius around you or anywhere else on the globe. There are music festivals, meetups, concerts, conferences, social events, sports events, fundraisers, broadway shows, movies, and much more to discover!

All you got to do is download Nearify on your smart phones, let the app detect your location (you may also select any location of your interest) and allow the results to load.

What is the easiest way to use Nearify?

Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and install the Nearify iOS/Android app. Not to worry, if you don't have a smartphone- you can still access our awesome website at and get going for your favorite event. So what are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy!

Nearify shows me thousands of events around my location, how do I find the ones I like?

Once the app loads the events list, tap on the filter icon on the bottom-left. You can now filter the results based on a range of categories from conferences & networking to music and performing arts, sports events to fundraisers and political events, classes & workshops to festivals, etc. You may also filter events based on date/time as well as distance or relevance. Social filters allow you to see the events that your Facebook friends are attending or those which you have personally shortlisted. (Note: social filters require you to login through Facebook.) Nearify allows you to view events happening all over the week all at once.

What do I do after I find an event I like?

Tap/click on the event of your choice. You can also see the number of people who have viewed the event to get an idea of its popularity. Also add the event to google calendar, shortlist it, get tickets for the event and the directions to the venue as well!

How do I ask my friends to come along with me to an event I like?

If you want to invite your friends to an event, or just think that it's a cool event to share, go to the event's detail page and you will see a button for sharing this event with your social circle on Facebook. Also on the same page you will find Nearify buttons to send your friends a custom tweet or a custom email, which automatically includes all the event information.

How do I promote my event on Nearify?

If you like an event and you wish to promote it, Go to the event's detail page and click on the promote icon on the top-right corner of your screen; click on it and see your promoted events get listed preferentially on Nearify :)

How often does the Nearify app send me notifications?

Our smart event discovery engine adapts to your preferences. Every Monday, we alert you about the events of your interest lined up for that week and every Friday, we notify you regarding what you can do in your spare time over that weekend.

How do I create an Event?

Oh, it is quite easy. There are two ways of going about it —

1. Go to facebook events. Click the link to create an event. Follow the instructions. After creating the event, go to Sync My Events on Nearify. And again follow the instructions. That's it. You are done. You are now ready to invite your friends, and promote your event to other people using our platform.

2. (recommended) Access the Create Event feature on the Nearify app. And follow the instructions. That's all there is to it!

How do I change the time or edit an event information?

Well, if you have not created an event, Sorry you will not be able to edit the event information.

But if you are the creator of the event, you can simply go to Facebook and edit any details, picture, time and then use our syncing feature to update those changes on Nearify.

Does Nearify show my private events?

Absolutely, NOT! Your private events are only for you. If by mistake your private event is listed on Nearify, notify us immediately and we will remove it. Usually this happens when you have not correctly set the privacy settings of your events on Facebook to 'Private'. We also do not allow private event creation on our portal. Fair enough? If any clarification is needed, please feel free to contact us at and we will make sure it is resolved ASAP.

I cannot see my event on Nearify.

Well, use our Sync My Events feature to do that. If it still does not show on Nearify, email us and it will be fixed in no time at all :)

I cannot see my local friends' events when I select Friends Events filter on Nearify.

If this is the first time you are logging in to Nearify, give it a few minutes to sync data from Facebook (usually it takes a couple of minutes to sync all your data but it can take more time depending on the response speed from Facebook). If after checking again it does not show, perhaps none of your Facebook friends are in the area. But, if you feel that is not the case then just let us know - we will make sure that your data is correctly synced :)

Nearify is too cool. How can I appreciate that?

First of all, THANK YOU!! You have a great taste!

Share your experience with your friends. Keep checking back on Nearify as we keep adding new events everytime, 24x7! Share the events you like with your friends, go out together and have a blast!

Above all, please let us know that you liked us. We are all ears to know how we are doing, any help we can offer, or any cool features you would like to be added to Nearify to make your events discovery experience more interesting. Just write to us on and get in touch with the great minds behind your favorite app! ;)

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